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The Green Chair Project Advocacy Fact Sheets

We lead a collective effort responding to our neighbors in need by sharing furnishings to create safe, nurturing, & healthy homes. 

We believe: 

  • Everyone deserves to live in a well-equipped home. 
  • Home furnishings create environments that promote positive health outcomes and reduce homelessness. 
  • Our partnerships and community of support strengthen our collective impact to meet essential needs  

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The pandemic has exposed the ongoing need for greater access to affordable housing, especially as the City of Oaks continues to expand its roots. The Green Chair Project’s interventions offset housing costs to make living in Wake County more affordable. 

Housing Need in Wake County

The Road Ahead for Low-Income Renters 

Living Wage Calculator for Wake County


Furnishings turn homes into places where household members feel safe and affirmed. Empirical evidence indicates the reduction in stress associated with these confirming experiences improves health over the life course. 

What is a Healthy Home?

Relationship between Healthy Homes and Social Determinants of Health


Research shows that lack of sleep contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, and dementia. Sleep deficits disproportionately affect people of color and individuals of lower socioeconomic means. 

Cribs for Kids 

Need for Children’s Beds in Wake County


When you donate to the Green Chair Project, you protect our community’s natural environment. When you shop with the Green Chair Project, you reduce our community’s carbon footprint. 

Estimated Carbon Footprint of Home Furnishings 



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