Sweeter Dreams

Please allow a processing time of 7-10 business days for packages and delivery schedules. Thank you for choosing The Green Chair Project to support your essential furnishing needs!

Children’s bed referral open to all 100+partnering agencies 


  1. Children must be between 0 to 12th grade 
  2. Children have not previously received beds from The Green Chair Project or another GC program
  3. Household must meet the income eligibility requirements of Sweeter Dreams program
  4. Household must not have a current infestation of bed bugs 
  5. Must assume all risk of loss or injury related to or caused by these items
  6. Must complete an Income Verification Form


Portable cribs and matching crib sheets are available at no charge in a choice of English and Spanish messaging ‘Alone on my Back in a Crib’ to encourage safe sleep.

Each bed set includes:

  • Brand-new twin mattress
  • Brand-new twin bed frame
  • Twin bedding
  • Pillow