Sweeter Dreams Beds


How important is it to sleep in a bed?

Every child deserves a good night’s sleep to help them learn, grow and thrive. We know that a good night’s sleep translates into improved learning, behavior, heart health, attention span, weight and immune system. In addition, it results in improved attendance and performance in school.  Over 6,000 children in Wake County are sleeping on floors or sharing crowded beds with others and not getting the sleep they need to learn online or at school. We are on a mission to provide a bed for EVERY child in need.

1383 children received NEW BEDS in 2020!
Since our program began, over 5,000 children have received new beds, and counting!

How Can You Help?

You can help children in our community by making a tax-deductible gift to The Green Chair Project. A donation of $250 covers the cost of the mattress, box spring, bed frame and bedding as well as delivery directly to the child’s home.

We are always in need of new bedding to have available for our bed deliveries. You can help by shopping new twin bedding via our Amazon Wish List

  • NEW twin-size gender-neutral sheet sets
  • NEW twin-size gender neutral comforters
  • NEW pillows

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