If you are interested in becoming a regular volunteer, please connect with us via email at volunteer@thegreenchair.org.

Short-term volunteer openings are available during our cleaning shift (3-5 pm Tuesday-Friday). To volunteer for this shift, please click here to sign up for your shift(s).  Court-Ordered/Lawyer-Recommend Community Service hours: Our guidelines, eligibility limitations, and procedural requirements for fulfilling required or lawyer-recommended community service hours are listed below. PLEASE NOTE that we cannot accept anyone for community service as a result of an altercation, theft/shoplifting, aggression, weapons, violent and/or serious drug-related charge or offense.

1. The Green Chair Project must approve required community service hours that are court-ordered, lawyer recommended, and/or school-disciplinary.

2. This approval must be obtained PRIOR to starting required community service volunteer activity. To obtain approval, the volunteer is required to make an appointment to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator at The Green Chair Project and to provide judicial or legal documentation stating:

  • The type of offense
  • The number of community service hours required
  • Contact information of the representing lawyer or school official
  • As the needs of the Project change daily, we reserve the right to revise or reschedule community service hours as needed.

3. As the needs of the Project change daily, we reserve the right to revise or reschedule community service hours as needed.

4. If this is the first time you are volunteering with us:

  • We require an electronically signed release form from each new volunteer before you begin any volunteer activity.
  • To enroll now, please click here and select the option I am registering to complete court-ordered community service.
  • All minors must bring a copy of his/her Volunteer Minor Release Form signed by a parent/legal guardian on the first day of volunteering.  We will keep this form on file for any shifts the minor may work in the future.  Click here for a link to print the form.  We cannot accept release forms that have been altered or changed. 

5. A letter will be provided documenting community service hours at the completion of all required hours.  We do not provide letters for partial volunteer time.

If you have questions about your eligibility or to schedule an appointment with our Volunteer Coordinator, please email volunteer@thegreenchair.org and provide the required information above. 


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