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Current Agency Partners

person talking into microphone at gala at the green chair project
GiGi's playhouse - agency partners of the Green Chair Project volunteering at Chairity

Collaborative Compassion Changes Lives.

Critically, the road to Green Chair’s door starts with a referral from one of our 100+ accredited agency partners. Why? Well – there’s a long answer involving how streamlined inter-organizational cooperation correlates with increased resources and recognition with decreased response time and restrictions to aid.

But the short answer is simple: we can accomplish more together than we do apart. Become an agency partner today, so we can work toward a brighter tomorrow.

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Some of Our Agency Partners

Our Partner Impact


That’s how many low-income households we’ve helped to date.


That’s how many of our previous clients report still being in stable, equipped housing a year later.


That’s how many families report greater financial flexibility and sustained self-sufficiency.


That’s how many households we aim to provide life-changing essentials to by 2024.

Pull Up A Chair At Our Table

By using an ever-expanding pipeline of qualified professionals to power its outreach – Green Chair has become the largest furniture-providing nonprofit operating under its unique model in existence. 

But more importantly? Our collaborative outreach has provided an unprecedented amount of previously underserved families with tangible aid & long-lasting rehabilitation.

  • Begins every client interaction on the basis of trust & dignity established by the case manager.
  • Bolsters the collective impact of both organizations’ efforts.
  • Benefits a greater number of individuals facing broader challenges.
  • Brings vital, large-scale recognition & resources to vulnerable communities.
  • Builds an empowered network of inspired individuals uniquely positioned to provide immediate, yet sustainable aid.

Bottom line, by focusing our efforts we can go further. Connect with our team today to explore ongoing partnership opportunities. Let’s be better together.

Become An Agency Partner
Note in The Pocket, Agency Partner of Thre Green Chair Project and Local Raleigh Nonprofit

Full List of Agency Partners (By Category)

The efficacy of our outreach is almost entirely dependent on the continued dedication of our agency partners. Even in the face of unprecedented adversity, our advocacy has remained undeterred — largely thanks to the tenacity of our teams, and the adaptability of our network. If you’re looking to change lives? We’ll save you a seat at our table.


Emmaus House
Fathers Forever
The Fellowship Home of Raleigh
Incentive Housing Dormitory (IHD) (Alliance Health)  

Wake County Health & Human Services

WCHS – Adult and Community Services  
WCHS – Child Protective Services
WCHS – Family Support Services
WCHS – Cornerstone 
WCHS – McKinney
WCHS – Supportive Housing & IHD
WCHS – Middle Class Express
WCHS – NC Housing, Training, & Transportation
WCHS – WakePrevent!
WCHS – South Wilmington Street Center  

Become An Agency Partner Today

“The work we do on a day-to-day basis would not be possible without the dedication of our agency partners. We have created an infrastructure of support that allows our team to respond nimbly and tangibly at an unmatched scale.

Most importantly? We are continuing to cultivate the connections do so much more.”

Rae Marie Czuhai, Chief Advancement Officer
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Rae Marie Czuhai - Chief Advancement Officer, Green Chair Project