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How You Can Help

Our Front Door is a Fresh Start

Tangible resources. Long-term relief.

In recent years, we’ve served an unprecedented number of families & individuals struggling to sustain stable housing following unfathomable crises. Our efforts transform houses into homes and fresh starts into sustainable futures. But for every family we serve & child we support – there are countless in our community we can’t help without you. If you’re looking to #DoGoodWithGreenChair?

We can promise there is always a place for you at our table.

lady cleaning donated items at the green chair project
two children smiling laying in bed

Give Financially

We're Investing in Brighter Futures & Bigger Dreams

Supply Valuable Resources. Secure Invaluable Relief.

Today in our community, over 6,000 children do not have beds of their own and are living in homes without basic essentials to sustain them. We want to change that, but we can not do so alone.

Our team recognizes that creating the network of agency partners & curating the furnishing essentials is only half the battle. For our families, something as seemingly trivial as an application fee, can be a devastating setback. The stewards, supporters and ongoing sponsors of our efforts are what allow our team to eliminate these barriers to aid & bolster success.

Your donations, no matter the scale, can make a world of difference.

Give Financially
Captrust $100k donation to The Green Chair Project for Community Outreach in Wake County NC

Volunteer Your Time

Contributing Your Time & Talents Transforms Lives
James LaMantia of LaMantia NYC Gallery Dedicated Multiple Art Pieces to Chairity 2023

Lend A Hand. Loan Your Time.

Today, nearly half of the work that we do on a day-to-day basis is dependent on the dedication of our volunteers. By combining our efforts & equipping our community? We’re propelling our entire community forwards.

Whether you pledge your time providing hands-on help at our Raleigh HQ, or your talents by contributing your unique skill set to fuel specific signature events like Chairity, Annual Donation Drives and more — we’re always happy to save you a seat at the table.

From contributing your individual time to collaborating with your corporate team — your donated time makes a huge difference in our outreach.

Volunteer Today

Shop Chairity

Shop Chairity is an online store where your dollars do immediate good.

All merchandise for sale has been donated to The Green Chair Project from our community, and 100% of the proceeds from Shop Chairity support our mission. Every purchase you make helps us provide a child with a bed and furnishes homes for families facing the challenges of homelessness, crisis, or disaster.

Shop Chairity Now